Looking for a climate controlled environment so your stuff doesn’t get ruined? Smart Box storage provides the best climate controlled environment by controlling humidity and protects your belongings from temperature variations.


Smart box storage is family owned and operated facility built to a international standard.we are using best and latest tool and machinery to move and store your house hold and office items in save and secure mode as per your requirements.


At Smart box storage, our focus is on security and safety. Your safety, as well as the safety and security of your belongings, is our priority.So we use several layers of security measures like Computer controlled access system,alaram ,Securities and cameras.


Your Belongings are safe under our Video surveillance. Our camera system is viewed by the site manager on an oversize screen near his workstation. In addition to this, these are tied into a DVR which allows us to check back and view any suspicious behavior


Professionally cleaned facility round the clock and pest control monitoring by Rento Professionally cleaned facility round the clock and pest control.


Smart box storage will amaze you by our unbelievable pricing. We provides spaces for affordable prices and gives unbeatable services than other storage companies in Dubai.


We provide all of the needed solutions for the packaging and safe storage. Checkout the latest and safest packaging supplies in all dimensions In perfect cost.


We have a well experienced team to move your belongings very professionally. They will provide you the best service for moving and packing services.

Why Choose Smart Box Storage ?

Best Moving And Storage Company in U.A.E,

We are the leading privately owned self storage company in the United Arab Emirates. The Smart box Storage Dubai is taking the hassle out of storage and making it simple. With the click of a mouse, you can choose your space unit, reserve a unit, make a payment and more! As one of the U.A.E’s best individual storage operations, you’ll always find a storage facility that is convenient and clean. Many of our locations have heated and cooled spaces units , video surveillance monitoring, secure gated access, and moving truck rentals.

The Smart box Storage Dubai is also your one stop shop for boxes, tape, padding material, locks and more! When it comes to customer service, our managers are on site They’ll help you every step of the way in choosing what is right for you.

We Store For Everyone

Home Storage Dubai
Home Storage
Dubai is a vibrant city with new homes and communities being built all the time. With a professional pack and move service, our team comes over to your home at a convenient time for you, dissembles and storage packs everything, loads it onto the truck and packs it carefully into your storage unit. All without you lifting a finger.We will provide you the best storage space.
Business storage Dubai
Office Storage
We cater to a wide variety of business clients from large-scale events companies and retailers to small traders and start-ups. Smart Box Storage is here to support your business however big or small. With commercial rents in Dubai already very high and increasing every year, self-storage is becoming a far cheaper and more efficient way to expand your business
Commercial Storage Dubai
Start ups
Our Family owned and operated storage facility is secure, clean and fitted out to a international standard. Every individual Smart box storage room is monitored 24 hours by digital CCTV and Dubai Police approved on-site security guards. Additionally, our facility is fully Civil Defence approved with a comprehensive fire alarm system connected to the DCD 24/7 Service,
short term storage Dubai
Leaving for the summer and dont want to travel with load of heavy books .bring your items to us we will store them for you savely and securly untill you come back because your books are your wealthand thses are most important items rather than all.we will keep them in proper packing Let Smart Box Storage take the headache out of your business storage.

While some storage facilities offer transportation services or can arrange moving services for you, it’s common for customers to use their vehicles or hire moving companies to transport their items to the storage facility. Ensure you have a plan for getting your belongings to and from the storage unit.
To determine the right storage space, make an inventory of the items you plan to store. Storage providers can often assist in estimating the required space based on your list. Remember to leave some room for access and organization within the unit.
Preparing your belongings for storage is an important process to ensure they remain in good condition while in storage. Whether you’re storing items for a short period or an extended period of time, here are some steps to help you prepare your belongings for storage: 1. Declutter and Organize: 2. Clean Everything: 3. Gather Packing Supplies: 4. Label and Inventory: 5. Disassemble Furniture: 6. Protect Fragile Items: 7. Wrap Furniture and Mattresses: 8. Use Proper Packing Techniques: 9. Seal Boxes Securely: 10. Consider Climate Control: 11. Store Items Strategically: 12. Protect Against Pests: 13. Purchase Insurance: 14. Lock and Secure: 15. Regularly Check and Maintain:

Storage space for rent in Dubai

Today Dubai is cultural city in the word. People all around the world come here to make their future because of its vibrant economy. Here lifestyle is luxurious. This city keep moving 24 hours, the need for affordable storage space for rent in Dubai has become very important.

Where you are businessman or working person, you must need for extra storage space in Dubai to keep your belongings safe and sound. A lot of storage companies are serving in Dubai but it is difficult to find your ideal and the best storage space in Dubai.

It is fortune for you that in the busy life of Dubai, here is Smart box storage is there to serve you round the clock. We offer the wide range of sizes for storage spaces for rent in Dubai at best quality of service within your budget. No one has the rates and services as compared to us. Today we stands No.1 storage company in Dubai.


Our storage facilities are equipped with modern security systems, climate control options and flexible rental terms for your ease. Where you need long term storage in Dubai or short term storage, we are here for your service. Smart box storage will give you best options which suit your needs.