self storage facilities in Dubai, Best storage in Dubai

self storage facilities in Dubai, Best storage in Dubai

self storage facilities in Dubai

With literally hundreds of local self storage facilities in Dubai, how is one to choose one from another? Are those with the big, flashy signs the best, or should you stick to the one close to home? Your friend’s cousin rented one last spring- maybe you should give her a call? How will you know if you are choosing the right self-storage company to suit your needs?

Self storage facility research

For the majority of us, when it comes to purchasing something that we have never needed before, hind-sight is almost always 20/20. Our research is hindered by the bright and snazzy colors of bulletin boards, local newspapers and other ad sources in the community, making us easily forget what it is that we we’re actually looking for in a product or service. The self-storage industry in Dubai is no different.

For starters, do your homework. Your efforts on this venture will need quite a bit of forethought and a knowledgeable customer service associate to help you out. Making a couple of phone calls, paying a few visits to local companies, and asking a lot of questions are key to getting your ideal self storage facilities in Dubai.

First on our list is the location of your self storage company. No one knows better than you how easily accessible each location is from where you are. Ideally, any ad placed by a self-storage company will have a street address and a map with a few common landmarks.


Is there 24-hour surveillance? Would you feel comfortable walking around alone after dark? Are there defense alarms for each Storage? Fire protection system is an item worth a definite query on your part. When would you be able to access your unit? If seven day admittance is important to you, be sure you find a company that can accommodate you. This smart box self storage facilities in Dubai to assist you in all matters.

Rental transportation

Are there trucks available on the premises, or will you need to bring your own? What about a truck rental- is it on location or nearby for you to hire for a few hours? This is definitely worth a thought, for even small items can weigh a lot if you’re carrying them alone.

And finally, is there a store within the realm of these particular self storage facilities? If so, what sort of items do they sell? Quick snacks and beverages are good, as well as packing supplies such as boxes and tape, or any items you may need to adequately put together in your self storage facilities in Dubai.